What is the Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress?

If you want your users to share your content, then you have to give them an easy way to share it. The answer is simple, add social media buttons.

The problem with most social media plugins for WordPress is that they slow down your website. For the longest time, bloggers had to pick between either getting more shares or having a fast website. I didn’t like that I had to choose, so I decided to fix the problem.

I created the floating social bar plugin for my blog to maximize the social media shares without slowing down my website. For the whole year I had it on the site, tons of users asked me about the plugin. They asked me to release it, some even offered to pay for it.

Finally, last week I decided to release the floating social bar which I think is the best social media plugin for WordPress.

Some might say that I’m biased because it is my own plugin, but I’m not. If there was a better solution, then I wouldn’t waste my time creating a new one.

Floating Social Bar adds a floating share bar to your blog posts and pages. It does not load social scripts on initial page load which makes your site load just as fast as it would without any social buttons. Instead, we show replica of official buttons with accurate count.

Some of you asked that you wanted the button to be static, so we added that option in there as well.

Overall, I would say that if you want to instantly increase your shares, then start using the floating social bar. It is hands down the best social media plugin for WordPress.

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    Thanks for the info, i use AddThis too, it’s another good solution.